Objective of Visitor Gate Pass System

The main objective of Visitor Gate Pass System is to manage the records of visitor’s on day to day basis and assimilate the records and keep the statitics of the same for any future need from security point of view and good HR Practices habits in the organisation.

Need for a Visitor Gate Pass System

Security has become a paramount concern for every organization today. •Most of the systems are manual and hence analyzing the data and generating any intelligence out of it is very difficult. •Normally there is no comprehensive effort on computerization of a Security Department.

Advantages of the Visitor Gate Pass System

Very user-friendly, still a stringent security system.

Intranet based system operational on any OS

Ability to print visitor ID with Photograph

Issues in Manual System

Pass creation takes time

Photograph can not be captured

As photograph is not available, the same pass can be passed to other persons. 

Pre-Approval before issuing a pass is not possible automatically

Prior appointment is not possible

In case of any un-towards incidents or accident , retrieving the pass details including Photograph is not possible

Recording exit time is time consuming

Features of the Proposed System

Visitor Gate Pass with Visitor’s Details, Company’s information, with Photograph.

Save time and fast process.

Authorized users can access the application

Centralized database management

Returnable/ Non-Returnable Material gate passes can be issued. Reports of Gate Pass Entry wise, date wise & department wise , Visitor’s Number of Visit wise


Gate Pass Reports

Date & Department wise Report

Visitor’s Visit wise Report