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Udyog ezeeFiler Service – Tax Filing Made Easy

EzeeFiler Service is an online e-filing solution developed keeping in mind the challenges faced by you during e-filing of your tax returns. EzeeFiler allows you to focus on your core business and takes care of tax filing seamlessly from data extraction, verification and successful ACES filing.


EzeeFiler is an online e-filing service developed keeping in mind the challenges currently faced by you in e-filing your tax- returns. We provide a data extraction tool accessible at your location which will extract the required information for e-filing from your relevant data provided. The information can then be uploaded to our website for viewing the return and generating the XML for ACES e-filing. You have the option of using Udyog’s EzeeFiler for e-filing the return or for downloading the XML file for self e-filing.

How does this service work?

  • Udyog provides a data extraction tool to extract the required return information from either Udyog’s products or other data sources into a zip file. Any missing or invalid information is validated during this extraction.
  • The customer logs into Udyog’s website and uploads the zip file.
  • Udyog’s website validates the information in the zip file and generates the ACES XML file for e-filing.
  • The customer is able to view the generated ACES XML after 10 minutes and is able to view the generated return in HTML format
  • Once the report is verified, the customer can either request Udyog to efile on customer’s behalf or download the XML for self e-filing.
  • If customer requests Udyog to e-file, Udyog uses the customer’s login to e-file. Udyog also verifies after one week to see if the return is accepted by ACES
  • If any issue is faced during the entire e-filing process, a dedicated Udyog team is available to provide the required assistance.


Apart from making your tax filing process simple and convenient, our solution also has the following advantages:

  • Minimal effort is needed to use our application: Automates the entire process of Tax filing from data extraction to filing of Returns and thus minimizes the effort and risk involved in filing the returns.
  • Avoids rejection of return applications as the generated XML reports are 100% compliant and in sync with the ACES changes.
  • Involves no additional investment in hardware or software. The minimum required is an internet connection with a browser.
  • Has complete transparency in the entire process. Customer can track the entire E-filing process at any point in time.
  • Provides for secure transmission of data with data encryption and website having SSL based encryption.
  • Can leverage the same infrastructure to provide other tax compliance products and services.


As India's largest excise software company, our team of professionals is committed to provide you committed service in the taxation domain. Along with that we also have:

  • Domain expertise in the field of Taxation for almost two decades. Udyog is the industry leader in Taxation Products.
  • Excellent Service and Support.
  • Trained and committed partners to assist customers in need of any help and to resolve any query.
  • A dedicated infrastructure and systems to support e-filing
  • Renowned excise taxation consultants on our panel
  • Security procedures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data

Looking Ahead

We at Udyog Software are always looking for ways to provide better service to customers. Some of our initiatives leveraging the EzeeFiler infrastructure are:

  • Be a one stop shop for all your taxation requirements
  • Provide news and analysis of tax circulars and notifications
  • Bring VAT, Service Tax and GST under the EzeeFiler umbrella
  • Provide online tax calculator for all indirect taxes
  • Provide excise taxation as a SaaS offering
  • Integrate of our SaaS based taxation service with your ERP and accounting systems
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