Truly enterprise grade Ecommerce solution to enable B2C, B2B and marketplace commerce.

Listany offers configurability, customizability and scalability to support retailers, manufacturers, distributors and growing e-tailers to accelerate their ecommerce.

Listany aims to provide best in class Ecommerce solution and bring in its technological expertise to support innovative business models across different segments.

ListAany for Jewelry eCommerce

Social Connections

Connect with your shoppers in 360 degrees, using inbuilt integrations with Facebook, Instagram and others.


Your marketing ammunition at finger tips to reach, measure, engage your customers easily.

Try @ Store

Improve customer experience. Give your customers a special treatment by allowing them to try out jewellery selected online at store.

Inventory Sell Solitaire

Select your choice of diamonds by 4C’s of characteristics, cut, clarity, colour and carat

Your Own App

At Listany, we help building your own mobile app that sets you apart from others, and that too at a very affordable price.

Listany for Restaurant eCommerce


Ensure your customers find you everywhere – facebook, google, Instagram etc

Online Ordering

Let your customers place an order from anywhere – Facebook, app, website, google pages etc.

Catering Services

With Listany, catering is also brought to your doorstep with just a click. Plan your party online and avoid hassles.


Let customers build Pista house own pizza. Let them choose their bread, toppings and have them own it.


Have the flexibility of creating menus in the style and order of your choice.

Listany for Retail eCommerce

Cross Product Recommendations

Based on user behaviour, identify and suggest ensemble of products for additional engagement


Understand shopper intent with each click and serve up personalized product recommendations

Faster Time to Market

Update items on your site quickly. React instantly to changes in customer demand.


Leverage SEO features, to enhance your product visibility. Harness the power of social media to promote your brand.


Acquire, manage, and segment your customers based on their browsing and purchase behavior, send them personalized offers and coupons